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To the following area residents on the birth of their children:
in 1998
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**January, 1998**

A daughter, Karli Ann, to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Earnest, of Monroeville, on Jan. 2.
A son, Zachery Michael Heiser, to Amy Haller and Edward Heiser, of Franklinville, on Jan. 2.
A daughter, Crystal Elizabeth Mills, to Robert Mills and Denise Nelson, of Newfield, on Jan. 3.
A daughter, Regina Ann Anderson, to Regina Magnin and Albert Anderson III, of Malaga, on Jan. 4.
A son, Richard Lee Wallace, to Samantha Price and David Wallace, of Malaga, on Jan. 9.
A daughter, Marissa Elizabeth, to Mr. and Mrs. David Reilly, of Monroeville, on Jan.l3.
A son, Lionel Rene Pomerlean III, to Mindi Sparks and Lionel Pomerlean Jr., of Newfield, on Jan. 16.
A son, Nicholas Thomas, to Mr.and Mrs. Nicholas Angerus, of Franklinville, on Jan. 18.
A daughter, Rebecca Lynne to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bennie of Clayton on January 24
A son, Brian Michael, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Egrie, of Clayton, on Jan. 26.
A son, David William, to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Morgan, of Clayton, on Jan. 27.

**February, 1998**

A daughter, Zoe Autumn, to Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lee, of Clayton, on Feb. 3
Adrianna Pearl to Mary Richardson and Barry Richey Jr. of Franklinville on February 8.
Sarah Louise to Mr. and Mrs. James Roche of Clayton on February 9.
Alfredo Perez III to Alfredo Perez Jr. and Kellie Swink of Franklinville on February 11.
Ashley Mae to Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dudley of Franklinville on February 13.
Richard Charles to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Alien of Franklinville on February 14.
Loren Cade to Babetta Banes and Ed Gerber of Franklinville on February 17.
Alyssa Jurman to Wendy Nichols and Louis Jurman III of Franklinville.on February 17.
Tyler Joseph to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nelson of Clayton on February 17.
Julia Margaret to Mr. and Mrs. Chap Vail of Clayton on Febrary 17.
Zachary David to Mr. and Mrs. David Lubelski of Monroeville on February 18
Kevin Giovanni to Mr. and Mrs. Wilfredo Quinones of Clayton on February 20.
Brendon Austin to Mr. and Mrs. John Vergano of Clayton on February 20.
Victor III to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mokienko of Franklinville on February 24.

**March, 1998**

Amanda Starr to Mr. and Mrs. Tim Herrschaft of Franklinville on March 1.
Silina Monet to Eileen McNellis and Steve Osborne of Franklinville on March 6.
Kasey Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Crreg Green of Clayton on March 7.
Terrance Jordan to Linda Marie Stephens of Franklinville on March 8.
Shelby Lyn to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Branco of Franklinville on March 14.
Brittany Marie, to Mr. and Mrs. Atlee Cullison III, of Franklinville on March 18.
Casey Angelina to Eric Pregartner and Tamara Stirling of Franklinville on March 29.

**April, 1998**

William Cornelius II, to William Rowe and Michelle Jackson of Clayton on April 7.
Bria Rose, to Mr. and Mrs. Constantino Nestore, of Franklinville on April 8.
Savannah Lee, to Mr. and Mrs. William Waterman, of Upper Deerfield Township, on April 11.
Jonathan Charles Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wallace, of Clayton on April 18.
Christopher Ryan, to Melissa Hayes, of Franklinville on April 22.
Austin Robert, to Devon Giese, of Clayton on April 23.
Dennis Michael Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brown, of Clayton on April 24.
Alexis Marie, to Mr. and Mrs. Gary McDowell, of Franklinville on April 24.
Alorah Lynn, to Holly Green, of Franklinville on April 29

**May, 1998**

Morgan Leigh, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Worrell, of Clayton on May 3.
Henry Pedano to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Unite of Franklinville on May 3.
Domenic Anthony, to Selina Masi, of Franklinville on May 3.
Charles Tyler, to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Montagnoli, of Franklinville on May 3.
Thomas Patrick, to Mr. and Mrs. David Doyle, of Clayton on May 3
Matthew David, to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Camma, of Clayton on May 7.
Megan Emily, to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Jayne of Clayton on May 8
Samantha Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reimer of Clayton on May 14..
Nicholas Conner to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gritz of Malaga on May 18.
Michael Harry Jr. to Michael Holloway and Jessica Billek of Newfield on May 20.
Vincent John Jr. to Mr, and Mrs. Vincent DiPietro, of Franklinville on May 23.
Victoria Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fisher of Clayton on May 25.
Camryn, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crace, of Malaga on May 26.
Deanna to Jessica Alexis Dempster and Scott Wiseburn of Clayton on May 28.
Clay Travis Jr. to Amber Cardinal and Clay Harp Sr. of Franklinville on May 30.

**June, 1998**

Kallie Anne to Mr. and Mrs. William Latona of Clayton on June 18.

**July, 1998**

A son, Kenneth Jay III, to Ruth and Jay Miller Jr. of Franklinville on July 9th.
A son, Dakota James to Mr. and Mrs. David Davis of Clayton on July 20.
A son, James Francis Jr., to Mr. and Mrs. lames Scarpato, of Franklinville, on July 21
A son, Timothy Ryan to Mr. and Mrs. George Boothe of Clayton on July 23.
A son, Payton Joseph Damush, to Jeannine Rivera and Jeffrey Damush, of Franklinville, on July 23.
A son, Mitchell Robert to Mr. and Mrs. John Tillstrom of MonroevilIe on July 23.
A daughter, Victoria Ann Marie to Chalkley Porch III and Kelly Ann Bea of Franklinville on July 24.
A daughter, Christa Bea to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mason of Clayton on July 24.
A son, Marcellus James Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Corty of Clayton on July 25.
A son, Tyler Joseph of Mr. and Mrs, Joe Schlosser of Clayton on July 27.
A son, James Edward IV to Mr. and Mrs. James Brokenbaugh III ~of Clayton on July 28.
A daughter, Francesca to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vecchio of Franklinville on July 28.

**August, 1998**

A son, Travis Timothy to Danielle Reim and Shane Welch of Newfield on August 1.
A daughter, Mary Kathryn to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lavelle of Franklinville on August 5
Daniel Edward to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Giordano of Clayton on August 6.
A daughter, Alyssa Deanne, to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fifer, of Newfield, on August 10.
Spenser Michael to John Wood and Jennifer Palumbo of Malaga on August 14.
Kenneth Gary Jr. to Mr.and Mrs. Ken Kasprzak of Malaga on August 15.
A daughter, Natalie Anne, to Lee Brunelli and Carey Zinski of Franklinville, on Aug 18.
A daughter, Kirsten Margery, to Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson, of Malaga, on Aug 24.
A daughter, Melanie Lynn, to Mr. and Mrs. William Fey, of Franklinville, on Aug. 24.
A daughter, Katherine Louise Frances, to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Frye, of Monroeville, on Aug. 24.
A daughter, Grace Rebecca, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jeskey, of Clayton, on Aug. 26.
A daughter, Natasha Dahn, to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tkatschanko, of Clayton, on Aug. 26.
A son, Donald Bryan III, to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stimpson Jr. of Monroeville, on Aug 29.

**September, 1998**

A son, Ethan David to Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lucas of Monroeville on Septrmber 1.
A daughter, Shannon Nicole to Mr. and Mrs. James Dolan of Franklinville on September 2.
A son, Benjamin Stephen to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martin of Monroeville on September 3.
A son, Deven, to Paula Carr, of Clayton, on September 10.
A son, Shane Reese, to Mr. and Mrs. Clay Goldsmid on September 21.
Maria Rose to Roger Hildebrand and Donna Ehrler of Clayton on September 22.
Hannah MacKenzie to Mr. and Mrs, Michael Marcellina of Malaga on September 24.
Rusty Leigh to Mr. and Mrs. John Miller of Franklinville on September 26.
Kyra Jane, to Mr, and Mrs. Rick McMullen, of Clayton, on Sept, 30.

**October, 1998**

A son, Taylor Renee to Mr. and Mrs. Lou Creach of Newfield on October 4.
A son, Daniel John to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDonald of Monroeville, on October 5.
--Proud grandparents are Majorie Bill of Monroeville and Mr. and Mrs. John McDonald of Elkins Park, Pa.
A daughter, Alicia Maria to Mr, and Mrs. Anthony Serrano of Newfield on October 5.
A son, Daniel John, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDonald, of Monroeville, on October 5.
Kacey Leigh, to Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Gundersen, of Clayton, on October 6.
A son, David Matthew, to Mr. and Mrs. John Kernan, of Monroeville, on October 9.
A daughter, Linda Marie, to Mr. and Mrs. Al Trautwein, of Clayton, on October 9.
Choley Hope Christina, to Mr. and Mrs. James Marshina, of Franklinville, on October 12.
A daughter, Samantha Marcia, to Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffman, of Clayton, on October 20.
A son, Collin Eric, to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stein, of Franklinville on October 20.
A son, Jacob James to Danielle Schroeder of Monroeville on October 24
A son, Robert Dennis III, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harvey, of Monroeville, on October 24.
A son Timothy Morris, to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hartman, of Newfield on October 27.
Aaron Matthew to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kelly of Franklinville on October 27.
A daughter, Madysen Leigh to Colin McLaughlin Deborah Hughes of Monroeville on October, 28.
A daughter, Ireland Mae to Mr. and Mrs. David Styring of Franklinville on October, 29.
A son, Thomas Gideon to Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Harmer of Clayton on October, 31.

**November, 1998**

A son, Benjamin Ray to Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Crofford of Clayton on November, 3
A son, Jesse Thomas to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryant of Franklinville on November, 6..
Joseph Anthony to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vogt of Franklinville on November 10.
Tredell Lanar to Viola Warfield of Clayton on November 11.
Rachel Irene to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dessin of Newfield on November 15.
Samantha Lynne to Mr. and Mrs. David Holscher of Newfield on November 15.

**December, 1998**

Dalton Jeffrey to Mr and Mrs Jeff Burns of Franklinville on December 8.
Kasey Elizabeth to mr. and Mrs. Paul Dillahay of Clayton on December 9.
KayLynne Nichole to Mr. and Mrs. Jason Goldsboro of Monroeville on December 9.
Gabrielle Rose to Mr and Mrs Steve Clair of Malaga on December 10.
A son, Kyle Anthony, to Mr. and Mrs. William Bekeshka, of Newfield on December 10.
Faith Christy to Mr. and Mrs. George Cassady of Monroeville on December 13.
Julianna Marie to Mr and Mrs. Bob Tinger of Malaga on december 14.
Jasmine Mia to Alexis Jones and Bryon Lavzeleve of Clayton on december 15.
Nathan J. to Kristine Wright of Clayton on December 21.
Amanda Nicole to Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Shafer of Monroeville on December 29.
Alexia Marie to Regina Love and Danny Farside of Malaga on December31.
Rebecca Jane to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Randles of Malaga on December 31.

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