To the following area residents on the birth of their children:
1999 Listings
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**December 1999**

Ryan Edward to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kankowski of Clayton on Dec. 1.

June Marie to Michelle Geronomi and Richard Peluso of Clayton on Dec. 5.

Gianna Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Jim DeMarco of Franklinville on Dec. 7.

Alyssa Michaela Seeney to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Seeney of Elk Township on Dec. 14.

Evan Bennett Ellison to Sharon Lockman from Ferrell on December 23.

Nicholas Joseph to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Caudill of Franklinville on Dec. 27.

Casy to Mr. and Mrs. Lane McCord of Clayton on Dec. 27.

Hannah Elizaeith to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koenig of Clayton on Dec. 30.

**November 1999**

Chase Hunter to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cudd of Franklinville, on Nov. 12

**October 1999**

Jennavieve Marie to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Toy of Franklinville on Oct. 2


Daniel Steven to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wenzel of Clayton on June 3.
Atlee Gordon IV to Mr. and Mrs. Atlee Cullison III of Franklinville on June 17
Shayla Juliana to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pratt of Clayton on June 18
Timothy Luke to Mr. and Mrs. James and Shannin Fortner on June 23.


Jeremiah Jordan to Bernadette Bonafiglia and Gary McDowell of Franklinville on May1.
Madison Michelle to Robert Tompson and Tracy Langston of Newfield on May 3.
Donald Edward III to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hewitt of Clayton on May 6.
Brianna Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. William Wright of Monroeville on May 7.
Jamie Vernon to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Latshaw of Clayton on May 7.
Timothy Bruce to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Suter of Franklinville on May 28
Benjamin William to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Harbson of Clayton on May 28.

**April, 1999**

Francis Daniel to Mr and Mrs. Timothy Marvian of Newfield on April 9.
Ian Henry to Delores Johnson of Franklinville on April 10.
Lukas William to David Birmingham and Cherel Allen of Monroeville on April 12.

Scott Edward to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Butenewicz of Franklinville on April 28.

**March, 1999**

Zoyi Elizabeth to Danyell Freda of Franklinville on March 3.
Stone Lake to Shawn Grundlock and Cliff Lake of Clayton on March 3.
Rebecca Lynn to Mr and Mrs. Michael Cheeseman of Clayton on March 3.
Anike to Angela Harvey of Clayton on March 5.
Hannah Elizabeth to Mr and Mrs. David Robinson of Clayton on March 8.
Kaylee E. to Mr and Mrs. Peter Smallets of Franklinville on March 11.

**February, 1999**

Lyndsy Marie to Eric Kalla and Denise Buoncuore of Clayton on February 1.
Emma Catherine to Mr and Mrs. John Nevitt on Clayton on February 2.
Jason Kyle Jr. to Jason Buchanan and Kelly Fischer of Franklinville on February 3.
Ashley Nicole to Mr and Mrs. John Barcelo of Clayton on February 5.
Lauren Ann and Megan Lynn to Mr and Mrs. David Hunter of Malaga on February 5.
Dominick David to Mr and Mrs. Anthony Gable of Monroeville on February 17.
Connor to Mr and Mrs Dave Hawkes of Clayton on February 23.
Dylan Christopher to Meredith MacDonald and Brian Priest of Monroeville on February 25.

**January, 1999**

A daughter, Cara Nicole, to. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spuler of Mantua, on January 1.
George R.V to Mr. and Mrs. George Price IV of Malaga on January 6.
Colleen Elizabeth to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Simpson of Clayton on January 6.
Ryan Taylor to Karen Janice and Barry Marx Jr. of Franklinville on January 7.
Jacob Joseph to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jianotti of Newfield on January 8.
Emily Arianne to Mr. and Mrs. Rich Evans of Monroeville on January 9.
Guiliana Josephine to Joseph Sauro and Ramona Giuliani of Clayton on January 11.
Bethany Joy to Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ford of Clayton on January 12.
Caterina Cecelia to Mr. and Mrs. John Iosca of Franklinville on January 13.
Zachary Ryan to Rebekah Flevry and Mark Fithian of Franklinville on January 17.
Dominiana Dai'Rai Etrice to Chanel Burnett of Franklinville on January 17.
Thomas William to Mr and Mrs. Thomas Schofield of Franklinville on January 20.
Regina Grace, Dana Allison and Cecily Nicole (triplets) to Mr and Mrs. Anthony Di Patri of Clayton on January 21.
Bradley Jay to Mr and Mrs. James Beemer of Franklinville on January 22.
Patrick Ryan to Mr and Mrs. Patrick Doyle of Clayton on January 22.
Hunter William to Mr and Mrs. Scott Banff of Malaga on January 24.
Garrett Andrew to mr and Mrs Joe Chorpenning of Clayton on January 26.
Liberty Noel to Mr and Mrs. Nicholas Esposito of Franklinville on January 26.
Caitlin Alexis to David Price and Heidi Diener of Monroeville on January 29.

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