To the following area residents on the birth of their children:
2002 Listings
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December, 2002

Johanna Renee to Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Fooks of Clayton on December 1.

Joseph Louis Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scaffo of Monroeville on December 2.

Alissa Jean to Melissa Hayes of Franklinville on December 4.

Kenneth Lee Jr. to Nicole Hagerthy and Ken Schmidt Sr. of Franklinville on December 4.

Madison Marie to Mr. and Mrs. George Ayers II of Franklinville on December 10.

Grace to Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Farestad II of Monroeville on December 13.

Jackson Craig to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Buttenwicz of Franklinville on December 14.

Emilia Noelle to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bianco of Newfield on December 16.

Lucas Andrew to Mr. and Mrs. George Regruto of Clayton on December 17.

Jessie La'Tonya to Marquett Mabine and Vincent Smith of Newfield on December 20.

Hunter James to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Suter of Franklinville on December 21.

Ava Mary to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zechman of Franklinville on December 27.

Noah Marcus to Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Coley of Franklinville on December 29.

Dominique Paige to Terri Mangini and Dominick Valerio of Franklinville on December 30.

November, 2002

Hailey Alexis to Heather Thistlewood and Matthew Hunt of Clayton on November 5.

Charles Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes Sr. of Clayton on November 7.

Steven Gary III to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reinert Jr. of Clayton on November 29.

Madelyn Grace to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ortiz of Clayton on November 30.

October, 2002

Jennifer Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Racite of Monroeville on October 5.

Zachary Thomas to Regina Karge and Ron Chamers of Clayton on October 8.

Joseph William III to Kelly Grow and Joseph Diettrick Jr. of Newfield on October 9.

Stevie Marie to Thomas Kolenski Jr. and Dana Caldwell of Franklinville on October 13.

Gabriella Morgan to Mr. and Mrs. Robb Joie of Franklinville on October 21.

Aaron Thomas to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sinclair of Franklinville on October 23.

Luke James to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koenig of Clayton on October 26.

Jayson to Jessica Hagelstein of Clayton on October 27.

Gracianne Wagner to Juli Voight of Monroeville on October 29.

Jayna to Mr. and Mrs. James Watley Jr. of Clayton on October 31.

Timothy Glenn III to Dacia Lea and Timothy Eachus Jr. of Monroeville on October 31.

September, 2002

Katherine Rebekah to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Horrocks of Clayton on September 1.

Ethan Howard to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mattson of Franklinville on September 10.

Matthew Jacob to Melissa Seagrave and James Buchanan II of Clayton on September 10.

Jullian Elizabeth to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Zimmer of Newfield on September 11.

Calli to Mr. and Mrs. David Ellison of Newfield on September 16.

Nicolette Ariana to Nancy Lee and Robert Biscardi of Franklinville on September 18.

Riley Cole to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Miller of Franklinville on September 19.

August, 2002

Jessica Rita to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Houck of Newfield on August 1.

Justin William to Mr. and Mrs. George Helmer of Frankllinville on August 2.

Branden David to Lora Williams and David Langley of Franklinville on August 6.

Roy III to sharon Cline and Roy Buhrman Jr. of Clayton on August 15.

Robert J. to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Babilino of Franklinville on August 18.

Isaiah Raymoan to Mr. and Mrs. Raymoan Harold of Clayton on August 19.

Hailey Ann to Theresa Kerby and Michael Pino Jr. of Newfield on August 21.

Vincent Joseph to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Fedoryka of Clayton on August 25.

Octavia Mahongany Marie to Jenine Pierce and Russell Robinson of Clayton on August 28.

July, 2002

Taylor Xavier to Angela Bittle and Robert Connolly of Franklinville on July 8.

Hailey Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Little of Franklinville on July 19.

Jasper Isaac to Desiree Kiter and Wally Parsinitz of Franklinville on July 21.

Peyton Sierra to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schultz of Clayton on July 22.

Abigail Laine to Mr. and Mrs. John Barnhardt of Monroeville on July 29.

June, 2002

Kirsten Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hill of Clayton on June 6.

Cameron Ja'shon to Christina Sampson and Lance Hunter of Franklinville on June 9.

Emily Rachel to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mathis of Clayton on June 12.

Benjamin Alan to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Clark of Monroeville on June 14.

Emily Reeth to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hall of Clayton on June 20.

James Walter Spenser III to Tammy Ackley and James Penn II of Newfield on Jume 28.

May, 2002

Nathanael Benjamin to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Francisco of Clayton on May 8.

Matthew Sean to Mr. and Mrs. John Lavelle of Franklinville on May 17.

Cassidy Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Cory Lamphere of Newfield on May 18.

April, 2002

Charles Francis III to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Starr of Franklinville on April 2.

Brianna Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pagliughi of Newfield on April 3.

Joseph Anthony IV to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zito of Franklinville on April 10.

Christopher Leigh to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carlisle of Clayton on April 11.

Brenden Jonathan to Francis Brunier and Amanda Hires of Franklinville on April 16.

Jarod Michael to Mr. and Mrs. Jon Ortholf of Clayton on April 18.

Jadan Alexis to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wright of Monroeville on April 19.

Joshua DeOtis Jr. to Joshua Bennett and Jamie Barrett of Newfield on April 22.

Stacy Julia May to Mr. and Mrs. Scott polo of Clayton on April 22.

Angelina Lisa to David Hewitt and Valerie Urlich of Clayton on April 25.

Miranda Paige to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Meehan of Monroeville on April 26.

Daisy Elizabeth to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brewin of Franklin Twp. on April 30.

March, 2002

Brittany Cheyenne to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ireland of Franklinville on March 3.

Rebecca Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kobik of Franklinville on March 3.

Justin James to Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dougherty of Franklinville on March 3.

Danial Wesley to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy of Franklinville on March 5.

Ashley Elizabeth to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kellmyer of Monroeville on March 5.

Kyleah Amber to Danielle Rein and Shane Welch of Newfield on March 8.

Jacob George to Mr. and Mrs. George Miller of Franklinville on March 14.

February, 2002

Tanner Alan to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Rogodzinski of Clayton on February 5.

Kyle Allen to Raymond Hemple and Kimberly Maston of Clayton on February 6.

Taylor Nicole to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Frye of Monroeville on February 8.

Christopher Scott to Donna Pulso and Daryl Theis of Newfield on February 8.

Ashley Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster of Malaga on February 11.

Louis Joseph Nacke III to Joseph Nacke and Megan Crosbee of Monroeville on February 12.

Colin Christopher to Mr. and Mrs. Barry Marx of Franklinville on February 14.

Faith Shirl to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Winkelspecht of Clayton on February 20.

Camille Frances to Mr. and Mrs. John Pfeffer of Newfield on February 25.

Tiffany Nicole to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Thomas of Franklinville on February 28.

January, 2002

Alyson Nicole to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shropshire of Malaga on January 3.

Kayla Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hayden of Franklinville on January 4.

Star Louise to Susan Oberempt of Clayton on January 7.

Leah Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gandy of Franklinville on January 11.

Starr Lynn to Amber Garrett and Nicholas Johnston of Clayton on January 11.

Jacob Anthony to Mr. and Mrs. Jon Conti of Franklinville on January 12.

Colin Joseph to Mr. and Mrs. Terrance McCoy of Franklinville on January 21.

Gabriel Francis to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burke of Clayton on January 23.

Muhammed Ali to Sahila Karagoz of Clayton on January 24.

Asianna Rose to Alexander Deal and Chiara Chaffins of Clayton on January 26.


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