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The "Fairview" M.E. Church was built in 1883. Prior to this time the residents of this community met for worship in a small building known as "The Old School House". This building did not stand on the site of the present church, but about 300 feet northeast, and across the road from the one now standing.
During the summer of 1876, a meeting was called for the purpose of trying to procure a piece of ground for a burial ground or cemetery. It was proposed to buy 1 1/2 acres of land from James Lafferty, who offered to sell this amount for the sum of $50. This being agreed upon, a committee was appointed, consisting of A. N. Morgan, Charles Nelson, John Porch, Joseph N, Brown and Asa Wiltsee to raise the sum agreed upon within the next 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, the committee again met having collected $49.25 of the required $50.00. In order to close the deal, they borrowed $3.25 to finish paying for the gound, and the writing of the deed.
At a special meeting on August 25, 1883, the trustees of the Fairview M. E. Church (Thf Old School House) met. When resolutions were passed by the board authorizing Wm. T. Abbott, Pastor; Jacob Armstrong, Henry G. Mullica (building committee) to receive bids and enter into a contract, for the building of a church at Fairview on the southeast corner of the piece of gound bought for a burial site, according to the plans and specifications known as (no. 19 Church Extension Society). About two months later, the trustees again met to see about selling the old church building.They agreed to sell the building af ter reserving six seats and the desk, lamp and fixtures, hinges and lock on the cellar door, also the boards in the cellar, for the sum of $40. Mr. Charles H. Pancoast agreed to buy the building for the sum of $40, and settle for the same on or before November 3rd, 1883. It was further agreed that the gound upon which the building was located, with the timber standing upon it, after reserving the horsesheds be worth $50. About November 8 of the same year, they reconsidered their selling price of the gound, and sold it without reserve for the sum of $42.50 to John Henry Frye.
A committee was appointed to solicit subscriptions consisting of James L. Nelson, Alpheus M. Morgan and Mary Smith, toward raising money for the new church.
The amount required by the discipline being secured, the contract for building the church (No. 19 Church Extension Plan) was awarded to Gee. W. Bloodgood, he being the lowest bidder. The contract price being $900, the committee furnishing the weather boarding. The weather boards were donated by Wm. A. Wood, Esq., of Whiglane. The contract bears the date of September 1st, 1883.
The cornerstone was laid with appropriate services by the Rev. Wm. Walton, presiding elder, assisted by the Pastor, the Rev. Wm. T. Abbott. The church was dedicated January 22nd, 1884, by the Presiding elder, aftera sermon of the Rev. S. S. Weatherby, of Glassboro. At this service the pastor made the statement that the church including furniture and bell cost $1,095.
The furniture was secured by subscriptions, in the hands of Mary Jane Abbott. The bell was secured in the name of Henry G. Mullica, and others of the Sunday School. The Bible was donated by the Broadway M. E. Church of Salem, New Jersey.
The balance needed to free the church from debt was $243. At the dedication sercice the presiding elder gave $75 of this amount. On March 5th, the trustees gave their note in Swedesboro Bank for the balance. It being covered by subscription at the dedication.
The first board of trustees of which we have record are as follows: John C. Nelson, president: James L. Nelson, treasurer. E .P. Roork, secretary: Jacob Armstrong, Wade B. Mulford. The pastor being Wm. T. Abbott . By the year 1889 the trustees and others felt it necessary to put blinds on the church, also paint the building which was voted upon,and carried. This cost being $52.91.
About the year 1891, the name of Fairview was changed to Ferrell.
On November 6, 1893, the property known as the Charles Alfred property, and joining the church was bought for $125. The house to be torn down, and the lumber used for horse sheds. The lumber not needed to be sold at public auction.
Sometime during the year of 1894, an organ was purchased to be used in church services. This seemed to meet with the approval of some, while a few others deemed it unwise and worldly.
For the next few years everything seemed to move along in a rather orderly fashion. The Church and Sunday School progressing and great interest being shown.
In the year 1906 a great sorrow came to our church in the drath of its pastor, the Rev. T. H. Asay. The Rev. Asay was held in high esteem by all who knew him.
Following him was Rev. L. F. Bausman. During his stay of four years with us, the church again took another stride foward by installing a heater in the cellar, and buying new lamps. Previous to this the heating system was a coal stove in the larger part of the church, and a wood stove in the classroom. The church was painted inside and out by a Mr. Chappman from Harrisonville, and a new roof was put on.
In 1918 a new lighting system was installed known as the acetylene gas, costing $272.75. This was a great improvement over the kerosene lamps.
A few years later, about 1923, a piece of ground in front of the church containing 5 acres was bought from Mulford Latfferty, by the church for the sum of $500. This being paid for, the next step was to erect a church hall or community house.
In 1928 a new building estimated at a worth of $3000 was built, being paid for in full by the community at largc, the Church and the Ladie's Aid Society of the Church. Electric lights were installed, both in the church and hall, which was a still greater improvement to our lighting system.
The pasters prior to 1933 were as follows:
Wm. T. Abbott
C. S. Miller
I. B. Whitton
R. Blackiston
D. B. Ackley
Jos. S. Moore
Thos. Huss
T. H. Asay
L. F. Bausman
S. T. Horner
Edgar R. Craig
J. O. R. Corliss
E. M. Munyan
Warren W. Churchill
A. I. Ross
Richard Morgan
J. P. Langley
L. B. Henderson
Wm. Bradshaw
A. M. Bogart
L. V. Brewin
B. F. Crane
Previous history indicated activities till 1935, taken from the anniversary history, however in recent years, many improvements have taken place.
In 1949 several Sunday School rooms were added to the church, and in 1950-1951 Harrisonville and Ferrell were joined together as a circuit. During the 1950's an organ & piano were purchased in memory of Mary Jant Brown. The church was originally incorporated under the name of Fairview Methodist, but in 1960 it was decided to change the name to Ferrell Methodist.
With the enlarging of the congregation and Sunday School, it was decided in 1961 to make the basement into Sunday School rooms. Also the small building that originally sat along side of the church was sold to Albert Ziennker.
Following is the chronological order of pastors since 1934:
1934 - B. F. Crane
1935 - H. E. Braosn
1943 - F. R. Creekmore
1945 - R. G. Morgan
1950 - S. F. Sliker
1954 - A. F. Moore
1956 - Thomas Naglee
1958 - Robert Smith
1963 - Harold Coles
1966 - Clarence Wilson
1968 - Kenneth Hummel
1971 - Thomas Wright
1972 - Thomas Panico
The community hall was built by the people of the community, but was located on church property. It was decided in 1965 to either dispose of the property or repair it. The matter was discussed with the district superintendent, and the church finally decided to take it over and start to improve it. In 1967 a new heater was installed, and in 1969 a new roof and new well were added. In 1973 the "Church Hall" was painted, and remoldeling was started. New flooring was completed and two new lavatories added in 1975. Plans are in the offing to begin plans for remodeling the kitchen.
Through the years Ferrell has been growing. Lake Gilman has many permanent homes, the Lakeview Park accomodates approximately 195 families and many new homes are being added constantly. Ferell has a volunteer fire company which was organized in 1945, and has expanded till now there is also ambulance serve to service the resident of Elk Township.

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