The History of
the Hardingville Churches



(From early records and notes kept by Rebecca Zee Jones and assembled by Liz Franklin)

In the small farming community of Hardingville in the early 1830's, a small group of believers, who were desirous of spiritual growth in their personal lives, began to meet in a one room school house just south of Hardingville. It was there that the Holy Spirit worked and stirred these believers to hunger and thirst after the Word of God. They learned about the "sinner's doom" and about the "second death". It was because of the fervor with which these messages were preached, that those who stood outside and ridiculed named the school "Brimstone."

The small band of believers continued in their request to learn more about the Scriptures, and in 1865, for $459, they purchased the property on which the present facilities stand. In the early 1900's, the church was known as the Siloam Methodist Protestant Church. The first parsonage was built in 1910, a sanctuary was built in 1957. Because of doctrinal differences, a formal name change occurred, and the church became known as the Siloam Bible Protestant Church. A new parsonage was constructed in 1970. The church again made a formal name change to HardingviIle Bible Church, and a fellowship hall was completed in 1981. As a result of church growth, an extension to the main auditorium and extensive remodeling was completed in 1987. In 1989, the church purchased five acres of property adjacent to the current facilities in anticipation of the Lord's continued blessing.
Over the years, many pastors served the Hardingville church. Before 1939, the Pastors who served at Hardingville stayed briefly. During the five year ministry of Rev. Hibbert, the church came out of the Methodist conference. In 1945, Rev. Jacob Miller began his ministry and in June of 1952 Rev. Bob Biscoe became pastor. Following Rev. Biscoe's ministry, Rev. Bill Adams ministered for several years. The 1960's brought three pastors to Hardingville, Rev. Frank Bruce, Rev, Floyd Mitchell, and Rev. Earl Booth. Rev, Joe Zearfaus then served for thirteen years, and the church experienced God's blessing. Rev. Ed Dorrin served for a short time before the present pastor, Mark Franklin, began his ministry in August 1982.

hardingville church
Hardingville Church (1976)


Before 1865 there were no churches in Hardingville. The services were held in the homes of the poeple. In 1865 the people gathered together and made plans for building a church. The residents built a strong church, but after 72 years it began to show signs of its age. The church congregation could not agree on plans, so a small group built a church of their own behind the cemetery of the church, but did not gain enough support to continue services so closed down. The ground breaking ceremony for a new church was held on June 3, 1956 and is now the Siloam Bible Protestant Church. Dedication ceremonies were held in May, 1957.

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